XR4EUROPE unites XR professionals and assotiations across Europe, fostering innovation and industry growth. As a leading voice in the XR community, we support European initiatives and projects that as a member, you can get access to.
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IMPULSE Programme
The European XR Accelerator

IMPULSE is a collaboration between VRDays Foundation, Laval Virtual, Stereopsia EUROPE, New Images Festival, IFFR Pro and XR4Europe. Focused on two verticals: Content Creation and Entrepreneurship, it aims to help projects hit their targets and make ripples. IMPULSE supports multicultural XR professionals in Europe and offers a multi-partners’ journey with coaching, pitching, and matchmaking. It also provides opportunities to convene at leading XR industry conferences & markets and offers concrete tools & contacts for project holders.

IMPULSE operates in cycles, facilitating the matching of high-potential projects. You can find the cycles listed here:

Stereopsia EUROPE

Startup Wise Guys'
XR Pre-Revenue Program

The Pre-Revenue Program (PRP) is a free eight-week online curriculum for founders and founding teams to help prepare them to join full-time accelerator programs or get their first round of funding. 
This program is brought to you by Startup Wise Guys with the support of XR4Europe and the XR Crowd.

XR4Human Forum

XR4Human European Forum is a collaborative platform to share the results of XR4Human project, powered by XR4Europe. The forum provides community chats, topic-specific channels, documents/drafts, use of surveys etc. You need to be member of XR4Europe to join the forum.

The goals of the forum are:

  1. Creating a European Code of Conduct (CoC)
  2. Ensuring high standards of ethics, privacy and security
  3. Strengthening and promoting collaboration among different parts of the European XR ecosystem. Hence, fostering cohesion.


OPENVERSE, funded by Horizon Europe, aims to boost EU’s tech sovereignty by creating inclusive and ethical European virtual worlds. It integrates diverse expertise, fosters innovation, and ensures privacy and security. The project combines user co-creation with extended reality tech, addresses legal and ethical challenges, and guides future policies and industry standards for influential virtual worlds.