XR4HUMAN Privacy Agreement

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Effective Date: 1 February 2024

1. Introduction

Welcome to XR4HUMAN’s Forum. This Privacy Agreement outlines how personal information is collected, used, and shared within this online community. By participating in the Forum, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

XR4Europe is the Data Controller on behalf of the XR4HUMAN project and makes use of the Discourse platform to operate the Forum.

2. Information We Collect

2.1 User Profile Information: When you create an account, we collect essential information such as your first and last name, username, email address, country of residence and additional profile details you may choose to share which includes but is not limited to your job title, professional sector or industry, and school/institutional/company affiliation.

2.2 Chat and Discussion Contributions: Conversations and debates taking place on the Forum are visible to anyone who visits the Forum. Any thoughts, opinions, or content you contribute to discussions may be read by and used by registered participants on the Forum as well as unregistered visitors to the Forum.
Registered participants include but are not limited to researchers that work as part of the XR4HUMAN project. Unregistered visitors to the Forum may include anyone anywhere in the world, including but not limited to researchers unaffiliated with the XR4HUMAN project.

2.3 Research Use: Researchers may use the thoughts and opinions expressed in the Forum for research and publications. However, any such use will be subject to ethical research practices, and researchers, whether or not they are affiliated with the XR4HUMAN project, are not permitted to disclose personal information without explicit consent.

3. Use of Information

3.1 Community Functionality: Your profile information is used to enable the functionality of the community, including displaying your username and contributions.

3.2 Research and Publications: Researchers may use anonymized and aggregated information from community discussions for research purposes and publications, ensuring that individuals’ privacy is respected.

3.3 Community Improvement: Aggregated data may be used to improve the community experience, address technical issues, and enhance inclusivity.

4. Information Sharing

4.1 Public Visibility: Conversations and contributions within the community are visible to all members, and any information shared in discussions may be used by others.

4.2 Research Collaboration: Researchers may collaborate with each other within the community, sharing insights and information for the purpose of research and publications.

4.4 Legal Requirements: We may disclose information in response to lawful requests or legal processes.

5. Your Choices

5.1 Profile Settings: You can manage your profile settings to control the visibility of certain information within the community.

5.2 Research Participation: Your participation in research activities is voluntary, and researchers will seek additional consent if your identifiable information is needed for their studies.

5.3 Forum participants may share hyperlinks to websites and resources outside of the Forum. XR4HUMAN is not responsible for the content on websites or in resources reached by those links and the terms of this privacy agreement do not extend beyond the content experienced on the Forum.

6. Security Measures

6.1 Security Safeguards: We implement reasonable security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

7. Updates to the Privacy Agreement

7.1 Notification of Changes: Any changes to this Privacy Agreement will be communicated to community members through prominent announcements on the Forum or via email.

8. Contact Information

8.1 Questions and Concerns: If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Agreement, please contact us at contact@xr4europe.eu.

By participating in XR4HUMAN’s Forum, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Agreement and agree to its terms.

XR4Europe AISBL, Data Controller on behalf of XR4HUMAN
1 February 2024