AI-WEB3-XR Panel

17 February 2023 – 4.00-5.00pm CET

The AI-WEB3-XR technologies to ensure growth of the Culture & Heritage sectors
  • Hybrid panel organised by XR4Europe in partnership with XR4Heritage – The Factory
  • 17 February 2023 – 4.15-5.00pm CET
  • Moderated by Michael Barngrover, founder and lead developer at Raptor Dance Studios, and co-founder of XRCrowd
  • Onsite in Brussels and online

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and Web3 technologies are providing museums and cultural heritage institutions with a range of new opportunities. While the introduction of new technologies may seem often obvious, each affects how an organisation operates. When these technologies are integrated with one another, they often unlock the most value, but that might also come with additional complexity.

As part of the XR4Heritage  The Factory event at the Bright Festival, XR4Europe organised an expert panel discussion on this topic. The panelists, who are prominent members of the European Culture & Heritage sector, shared their insights on practical applications of these technologies that museums can consider today, and what future applications may look like.

  • Maria Courtial – Faber Courtial (DE)
  • Carlos Mondragón, El Gabinete (PT)
  • Vincent Parissis, ART NFT Gallery (BE)

Full programme of XR4Heritage –  The Factory at Bright Brussels.