Match XR

17 > 18 November 2021

How does the future of metaverse look? What lessons did organizing virtual concerts for Nightwish teach? How is the biggest VR production in Finland coming along? Match XR is the biggest annual XR event in the Nordics. In November 2021, it will bring the AR/VR community together for the 5th time. Held over two days in the virtual VR Pavilion Finland, the event will be streamed into AltspaceVR and on YouTube.

Experience the state of Finnish XR industry!

Join us for an exciting dive into panels and presentations, business tips, XR challenges, and much more!

17th of November – Day 1

Presentations held from HXRC’s live venue and streamed to VR Pavilion Finland in AltspaceVR and YouTube. Live mingling for startups and companies.

10:00 – Welcome speech

10:10 – Creating new business in another dimension, Tommi Merelin from Arilyn

10:40 – Showcasing the Glue Collaboration platform, Jussi Havu from Glue Collaboration

11:00 – Varjo – next in line, Urho Konttori from Varjo Technologies

11:30 – Raute RxEvent – Building an immersive virtual event for a niche global audience, Tommi Palvimo from Wakeone

12:00 – Showcasing Cave Digger 2 space in AltspaceVR, MeKiwi

13:00 – Settling metaverse – On the reasons we are leaving the old world behind, Olli Sirén from Miltton

13:30 – Panel: The Future of Metaverse, moderated by Petri Rajahalme, panelists Laura Olin from ZOAN, Anttoni Vesterinen from Immersal Ltd., Vesku Paananen from Microsoft Finland, Urho Konttori from Varjo Technologies

14:30 – Testbed Helsinki, Innovation challenge of immersive technologies – new ways of enriching the comprehensive event experience of visitors, Tapani Nevanpää from City of Helsinki, Anna Mäkelä from Fullsteam Agency

15:30 – A united vision: federating XR talents & developments in Europe, Laetitia Bochud from XR4Europe

16:00 – Making of “Nightwish – A night in a virtual world”, Laura Olin from ZOAN

16:30 – WebAR is re-inventing QR codes – interactive webAR-experiences bring print to life without the need for app downloads, Frans Tihveräinen from flyAR Augmented Reality Studio Oy.

18th of November – Day 2

Presentations and interviews held in VR Pavilion Finland and its Partner Worlds in AltspaceVR and streamed to YouTube. Online mingling for anyone interested in the industry.

10:00 – Good morning from HXRC

10:10 – Showcasing CTRL Reality space, Frans Enala from CTRL Reality Oy

10:30 – What can Psychology offer for VR and vice versa?, Ray Pohjanheimo from Ameliate

11:00 – Showcasing School of Gaming Galactic Oy space, Konstamikko Korhonen from School of Gaming Galactic Oy

11:20 – Video based remote support called XReach and D365 Guides consultations, customer stories, Mikko Luukkonen from Softability

11:50 – Showcasing University of Jyväskylä

12:10 – Collaborative VR: How Far We’ve Come, Michael Barngrover from Raptor Dance Studios

13:00 – Industrial XR Applications, Jaakko Mattila from Elomatic ViSU

13:30 – XRtainment – what, how, money?, Olli Sinerma from Business Finland

13:55 – Democratizing education using Virtual Reality – What is Virtual Reality Education World and how Virtual Dawn is planning to make the world’s biggest Education platform in VR, Antti Martikainen from Virtual Dawn

14:25 – Building Dream – From Shakespeare to CCIXR, Pippa Bostock and Alex Counsell from CCIXR, University of Portsmouth

15:10 – Showcasing POKE Vocational College

15:30 – Immersive learning environments, Rasmus Borg from 3DBear Oy.